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2022 Remittance Advices - Update - January 18, 2022

01/04/2022 | 13:04 PM

Update 1/18/2022: The 2022 Remittance Advices are now displaying in the expected order of newest to oldest. 

Update 1/6/2022:  The 2022 Remittance Advices are available on the Remittance Advice Inquiry, however, they are not being sorted in the correct, or expected order. Users can view the 2022 remits by clicking on the "Date" column that will then sort the remits starting with 2022. This will be corrected to have the 2022 remits display first. 

Original Message: Remittance Advices issued in 2022 are currently not available when using the Remittance Advice Inquiry. Part B and DME users may use the Financials Inquiry to retrieve the remittance advice. Part A users will need to wait until the issue is corrected to view the 2022 remittance advices. Noridian is working to correct this issue.