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"CVDAR" on Remittance Advices - Accelerated Advance Payment Withholdings

04/29/2021 | 14:48 PM

Noridian is encouraging providers that are receiving a withholding to carefully review their remittance advice. Accelerated Advance Payment Withholdings have begun for claims. The remittance advice will have "CVDAR" appearing on your remittance advice. If you do notice the CDVAR on a remittance advice, please be aware that:

  • This indicates a recoupment involving the Accelerated Advance Payments that were paid out last year.
  • This particular offset is not attached to any specific patient
  • Noridian is not able to advise providers on how these withholdings should be accounted in your financial records.   
  • Providers can request the status of the balance by submitting an email to: (Applies to both A and B)